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Tips On Getting A Great Domain Name

How to pick a domain name


Who Can Register Domain Names?

Individuals, companies, and organizations can register domain names. This means that anybody wanting to be present on the Internet should acquire a domain name.

Make Memories

Your domain name must be easy to remember. Try to keep it as short as possible. Find multiple alternatives and finally select the most suitable for you.

Greater Accessibility

Try not to use hyphens and numbers. Forget about Non-Unicode characters. Your domain name is important, thus make it easy to access and read.

Stay Ahead Of Others

If you have an idea, secure it. Grab your domain address as soon as possible. The shortest the name, the better. Time is precious, and you should hurry.

Focus On Your Brand

Your brand is the heart of your business. Make it easy to recognize, carefully select your domain name, make it recognizable.

Reach Your Target

Let your audience find your name. Use keywords in domain address as a prime essence of your strategy. Customize your name with SEO.

Protect Your Privacy

Maximize your privacy, build trust, and generate more sales. Order automatic ID Protection and hide your private data on WHOIS.

Advantages For Your Domain

Many TLDs & .no

Possibility to choose among different types of domain extensions and TLDs. Select the right for you and your brand.

Easy Transfer

You can transfer the domain address you already own. Register transfer, provide your EPP Code, and your domain will transfer to us.


Activate auto-renewal and to secure unwanted losses. This way, your domain address will remain yours until you cancel it.

Free & branded SSL

Encrypt vulnerable data, protect user privacy, secure online transactions, prove legitimacy, increase SEO, instant issuance.

Easy Management

Take advantage of your easy to use panel and manage your domain name your way. Features and tools provide to help you get started.

Domain Lock

Lock down your domain address so nobody can transfer it without your concern. You can easily unlock it when you please.


Individuals, companies, organizations, and anybody wanting to reach more audiences anytime, anywhere, can register domain names with us. When ordering, specify who you represent, an individual, or a company/organization to give you the best services.

You can order as many as you want. You don’t even need websites. Just buy your domains and park them until you are ready to build a website, want to resell your domain address, or want to keep them for your objectives.

Search for alternative names, extensions, and TLDs. There’s always a way to get a Domain Name  that matches your goals.

There’s a risk that someone else buys your lovely domain address; this would be uncomfortable for you and your business. To avoid this, we always send reminders for upcoming renewals. In case you happen to forget about it, we suggest you activate the auto-renew feature to make sure your domain address is yours and keep it safe.

We provide all our customers with free SSL Certificates. We also offer more advanced and brandable SSL Certificates at competitive prices.

Naturally, we will do our best to help you most accordingly.
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Great Variety

Easily find your domain or get suggestions about domain names to help you get started.

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