Cloud Computing

Make it all possible with cloud computing. Modernize the way you work. Take better control of your applications, build, test, and run in multiple cloud instances with automatic scaling and failover.

Cloud Compute Plans

WEBXON offers Scalable SSD Cloud Instances For Individuals and Enterprises


Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing modernizes businesses' infrastructure and increases productivity.

40 Server Locations

Cloud computing present in more than 40 locations World Wide in minutes. Choose the instance closest to your location.


Cloud compute saves you for time-consuming IT management, software patching, and hardware setups, increasing productivity.

No commitments

Pay-as-you-go option to make it easier and more predictable and paying only for your use. Scale, according to your needs, expand as you grow.


Cloud compute-optimized for the latest generation of computing hardware. Increase savings and performance for web applications.


Cloud compute provides a better way to secure business continuity, backup, disaster recovery, capital savings, and high availability.

Cloud Security

Multi-layered security platform to enhance security through all cloud instances and help protect all your data at any location.


FAQ's - Cloud Compute

Yes, our cloud compute instances are scalable, and you can upgrade them along with your business growth.

Yes, you have full administrator “root” access to your VMs.

Yes, we can help you move from your actual cloud compute solution free of charge.

You’ll have a dedicated IT consultant for your account to assist you when you need help.

Yes, we offer IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Yes, WEBXON offers Single Sign On (SSO) to secure access for employees, developers, customers, and anybody you want to grant access to your assets while keeping attackers, scammers, malicious bots, identity thieves away.

Yes, we offer 100% SLA guaranteed.

We can provide as many instances as your business demands. We will deploy cloud instances for several purposes, for you and your clients.

We include 20GB of backup space. For an additional scalable price, you can increase your backup storage space.

WEBXON backs up almost everything: servers, clouds, workstations, mobiles,  and applications. Backups go all from a database to disaster recovery.

We offer the following cloud compute solutions:

  • Public cloud
    You can access our services and handle your account through a web browser.
  • Private cloud
    You and the users you authorize have exclusive benefits of cloud computing resources. Upon payment, we can host your private cloud.
    A private cloud is scalable, offers a better security level.
  • Hybrid cloud
    It’s a combination of public and private clouds. It allows the share of resources between the two of them. A hybrid cloud is the most flexible solution to increase deployment alternatives, enhance compliance, infrastructure, and security.
Cloud Compute

No need to code

Through the control panel, you use less time coding and less time managing your instances.

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