About Us

We Have One Goal


With an extensive reach to 35+ locations worldwide, Webxon sets the standard of web hosting services by offering uncomplicated hosting and web solutions like domain registration, cloud services, Cybersecurity protection, and more.

We pride ourselves on providing simple, affordable, yet reliable services and solutions to clients of all budgets and sizes worldwide.

Our dedicated support team and IT experts work closely with our clients to custom tailor services and products according to their individual needs to have all the ability and capability to turn their visions into reality.

We at Webxon value our customers and strive to assist them in succeeding with their goals.

We want to be part of the hosting industry by example, as we do not look to sell our services and solutions once; instead, we aim to build long term professional relations with our clients.

Our clients’ trust, quality, and affordability make us stand out from the crowd.

We actively ask our clients about their experience and progress, and if they face any problems, our devoted support team rushes to aid them and solve their problems.


Our Vision

Brief About Our Vision

At Webxon, we believe it is our responsibility to uncomplicate the process of hosting by providing simple solutions that can build a strong web presence for our clients to succeed.

We aim not to make a sale but to build relations and professional community with our clients.

Our Mission

Brief About Our Mission

Building a strong internet presence, maximizing earning potential, and helping our clients succeed digitally is what gets our juices flowing.

We aim to help the hosting industry and lead others by example by providing straightforward, simple, and affordable hosting solutions that are not just better than others but are best in the industry.

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Devoted to what we do

We at Webxon do not act just as an organization; our customers can count on us related to any service or product we offer. The growth and satisfaction of our clients are what keeps us on our feet. We strongly believe in teamwork when our clients grow and prosper, and we will grow too.



We are here to help

For inquiries, call support: +47 22 12 06 18 or use our ticketing system.
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